Thursday, 28 June 2012

There's No Place Like Camden

Camden. My favourite place in London to be! I recently paid a visit to Camden, the home of quirky. Now, if you have never had a chance to visit Camden, London then you must go! There is something there for everyone, catering for all tastes.
Camden Lock, Camden Market, Camden Town. So much variety and scenery to choose from, all in one small town. Whenever I go to Camden I love the fact that every time I have been I have always explored a different street leading me to somewhere, whether it be a market stall, street performers, pub, restaurant etc, that I have never seen before. That's what makes it so fresh and interesting.

Camden Lock is a great place to have lunch or simply sit by the water, drink in hand (of course) and aimlessly watch the canal barges float by. You can also take trips along the Regent's Canal when you visit the markets.
Camden is London's most popular open-air market area with stalls, shops, pubs and restaurants. Camden Town's 1000+ shops (and most of the stalls) are open EVERY day of the year apart from 25th December, all the more reason to go & one of the reason's why it's one of my favourite places to be. With the wide selection of open-air and indoor markets, each with its own distinctive flavour, and a line of high street shops which are all uniquely designed and painted, there is not a more colourful place to be. Tip: To all photographers out there, Camden is a great place for street photography!
You'll always find something that catches your eye... Street performers are commonly seen on Camden high street and are an amusing highlight to add to your day trip. They also make great snap shots too! 

There's no place like Camden...


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