Saturday, 8 September 2012


Who doesn't love a VW Camper Van aka 'Hippiemobile'? This vintage minibus is saluted anywhere that I go, and with their array of bold colours that they come in why wouldn't they? Could their honor of existence be trend related, or treasure of time that this vehicle has given us? Is there some sort of romantic bond with the unique style and memories that may be related to it, or is it just the joy and excitement of exploring and camping out in the wilderness?

However, camping is not everyones thing, but this is no tent!? Does this vehicle provide us with glamorous camping? 'Glamping'!? Providing us with retro chic that we feel needs to be included within our lives. The use of taking something old and something new and combining them as one. Some of you may not know what the term 'Glamping' means or those of you hard core campers out their might be infuriated buy it. Glamping is a luxury form of camping. 'Isn't that just a shack?' I hear you say... Almost but not quite. Glamping satisfys your desire for the outdoors and your craving for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed. You may stay in a tent, but the facilities are generally five-star and go way beyond what you would normally expect on a camping trip.

Below, the interiors of a VW Camper Van

What's your view on the VW Camper Van?

Camping or Glamping?

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