V for Violet Ramblings a place for, well... Rambling.

I always wanted to start a blog & have always been interested in the idea of blogging. Which to be honest has probably came from my fixation on watching so many Sex and the City episodes. However, no this is not a blog on sex, relationships or love. This is simply a blog for well, just about everything else. 

I first started Violet Ramblings in April 2012, not long after I bought my iPhone 4s when I downloaded the app Instagram. Many of you will be familiar with this app, I absolutely love it! It's a great way to take quick snaps and edit them easily within a tap, and then you can share them with all of your friends. So here on Violet Ramblings you will find that all my photos that are included on here are taken with Instagram, apart from the few post pretties of course! 

All in all I hope you enjoy reading Violet Ramblings and keep up to date with the various encounters, thoughts and photos that I will be sharing. 

Bye for now, 

With love, 

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