Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Summer Summer Time

So, here in sunny old England its officially summer time... Well, scratch the sunny part. As an optimistic English lass I am always in wishful thinking that this summer will be hotter than last... So far in this so called English 'summer' we've had a bit of sun, leading us to a hose pipe ban, then of course once you announce a hose pipe ban it never stops raining, and when I say raining I mean torrential downpours, leading to flooding & winds as fast as Mary Poppins needs to lift her off the ground. 
However, we still seem to have managed to keep a few sunshine days, but of course that never goes without muggy heat. Hear in England we have always been blessed with muggy heat, where there's no other way to describe it as... You feel like your melting!

So the question that I'm sure your all asking yourselves is... Summer 2012? Hot or not?

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