Saturday, 14 July 2012


So, it's that time of year again, when everybody has decided that they have had enough of being optimistic in waiting around for some British sunshine. Which leaves those of us who have some sense, to jet off on holiday. 

Portugal, Villamoura

Holiday's are vital to have. I personally have to make sure that I have one a year, otherwise I will go nuts! A holiday is an important part of my yearly routine, in which I find a place that I can get away to (defiantly with some sunshine of course) and just let off some steam.

The above photo was taken from a plane

I just love the excitement of the whole holiday experience, for me that starts when I book the holiday. I then start to count the days down, crossing them out of my diary day by day. Then the holiday shopping experience of course! Which, for me, can go on for months. Hand picking the perfect bikinis, maxi dresses and sunnies to ensure that you feel great while your away.

Whoever you may choose to get away with whether its your girlfriends, couples, family, or just you and your partner make sure that you agree and take turns in the activities that you decide to do together, so that you can both enjoy the holiday experiences. For example if you drag your man around every leather handbag shop in Italy one day, make sure you allow him to have a decision on the next day actives. Even if he does want to play golf, that leaves you to swan of and grab some cocktails and lay buy the pool. 

Happy holidays! 

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