Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Blue Moon

'Blue moon you saw me standing alone'

Sometimes its hard not to get bogged down by everything, whether its work, relationships or even assignments. Life is hard. But if it was easy would you really enjoy it?

Life is a battlefield. You win some. You loose some. Sometimes its nice, to just take a moment to step back and appreciate the little things. Hence my reasoning for taking this picture of the moon... It looked so beautiful up there, shining so bright. It made me wish that I was up there. Just me and my thoughts.

Everyday, you should make time for yourself. Whether its to laugh, do something you love, a favourite hobby or even dressing up in your favourite outfit. Because everyone needs 'me time' and its that 'me time' which is the first step to take to loving yourself which people will love you for even more.

So get out there and do your thing girl!

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