Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Little Miss Stubborn

'Stubborn: adjective; 

1. Having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons...

2. Difficult to move, remove, or cure.'
Today I picked up this great tissue box from my local supermarket which I just could not wait to share. I picked it up as it made me giggle, along with the very appropriate other slogans that are included on the box; 'Are you confusing me with someone who cares?!', 'Me, attitude? Surely not!', and 'Looking at me? Why wouldn't you!'. Note to self: Anything that makes you giggle, smile, or laugh... Buy it or marry it! 

After smirking to myself shortly whilst reading the captions, it had me thinking the reason why I found it funny is that well... Those of you that may know me will know that I can be slightly stubborn at times. What?! Ok. Just plain stubborn! 

Unfortunately, this is a family trait in which I have inherited from my Father. (Thanks Dad!) Which means that at times I just can't help my self but think that I'm right and your wrong! And there's nothing you can do about it! Although, of course I will consider some of your argument factors, but I'm still right never the less!  

However, if I am proved wrong (which won't be regularly, as I'll make sure of it) I will hold my hands up and say 'Ok! You've got me... your right' (which will of course be mumbled as I walk away into the distance...)

So, here's to all the stubborn of us out there! ...That's if we all agree on that of course. 

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